The Daughter of the Earth : the Fire ordeal

I hold back my tears.
The face of the Primal force,
beholding itself in a massive sprawl-
blazes just a breath away.
I gaze into its depths.
I see no end or beginning.
A massive Sea of Flames
is how it stands to be seen;
blazing with glory.
Lashing with grace.

I stand two chances-
To plunge
or to retreat.
Pride holds me rooted.
In my Honour, I believe.
I know. I will not step back.
Within me wells pure fury
as cold as steel.
The fire sea beckons me;
Into this, I shall pass.

Now I take a gamble-
I take the mortal plunge.
In Nature's sense of Justice
prevails my sole refuge.
Mercy I seek not
for redemption or from doom.
If guilty I shall perish,
In purity, I will redeem.

Should I outlive this ordeal
and rise
No mortal I shall be.
Then My Graces will know no bounds
and so shall My Fury.


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