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The Angry Goddess who we love, unabashedly.

Dark, unclad, red-eyed and undomesticated. Wild and sovereign, magnificent beyond all possible definitions. Immeasurably beautiful and terrifying beyond comprehension. The figure that evokes fear, confusion and even repulsion in the uninitiated, is the same form that evokes love that knows no depths in the hearts of the faithful who behold Her as the Eternal Mother.

I was inducted into Kali worship at a tender age, when I was taken to a humble, unassuming shrine in Theni, housing a 3 foot high figurine of the female deity identified as Veeramaakali Amman (Veera - Valour; Maa - Great; Kali Amman - Mother Kali : adds up to 'Mother Kali of Great Valour'); my maternal grandmother (Ammachi, as we say in Tamil), said : "They call Her the powerful, angry Goddess; but you should regard Her as your own Mother, fearing Her only when you go wrong." As it is, I developed a genuine affection for the Angry Goddess, who, by my mother's own definition, never ever judged or aban…

The Daughter of the Earth : the Fire ordeal

I hold back my tears.
The face of the Primal force,
beholding itself in a massive sprawl-
blazes just a breath away.
I gaze into its depths.
I see no end or beginning.
A massive Sea of Flames
is how it stands to be seen;
blazing with glory.
Lashing with grace.

I stand two chances-
To plunge
or to retreat.
Pride holds me rooted.
In my Honour, I believe.
I know. I will not step back.
Within me wells pure fury
as cold as steel.
The fire sea beckons me;
Into this, I shall pass.

Now I take a gamble-
I take the mortal plunge.
In Nature's sense of Justice
prevails my sole refuge.
Mercy I seek not
for redemption or from doom.
If guilty I shall perish,
In purity, I will redeem.

Should I outlive this ordeal
and rise
No mortal I shall be.
Then My Graces will know no bounds
and so shall My Fury.