Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Other Side of the Feminine.

Loving, nurturing, patient and tame. That is what a woman is perceived to be, expected to be. The face of the moon, to the world below, she is. But what of the other side? 

Why is Gauri worshipped and Kali feared in many parts of the world? Why is mankind afraid of the wild, uncontainable form of the feminine? Why are the protective, sacrificial and persevering aspects of a woman highlighted and celebrated as against the downplay of her territorial, defensive and vengeful attributes of self-interest?

When Gauri as a concept is conceivable and agreeable, man relents to fear and denial when confronted with the notion of Kali. 

Gauri exists because Kali does. Mythology warrants that Gauri arose from Kali. Woman is by nature powerful, sovereign, independent and untamed. For she is nature personified. Nature does not perceive favourites. It protects and destroys simultaneously and nonchalantly, with an absolute sense of definiteness. 

Nature sets the arena for survival and its conditions are to remain neutral. It respects and recognises the sovereignty of the players in the arena, be it a plant, beast or a man. The choice of victory or defeat in the clamour for survival rests with the ability of the player. The strongest survives and the weakest succumbs. Nature prevails over and watches; dutifully rewards the winner and walks over the slain. Uncompromising and resolute, nature deserves respect. When denied respect, it takes over and makes a demand for respect that is rightfully earned. Nature or Prakriti will then transform into Kali, the Raudri.

The Raudri will not rest, She will not relent. Righteous rage shall blaze over and prevail until Her score is settled. The unthinking, unwavering single-minded focus on the final, single objective is one that is awe-inspiring and terrifying at once. The all-pervading, providing Prakriti morphs into the absolute annihilator. She sets off on Her warpath, reaps what She deserves, appeases the imbalance and returns to Her state of self-containment.